British Brick Walls

Just a little taste of what’s in this month’s Family Tree Magazine (Oct, 2009). For the genealogists. It’s about me living a mile as crow flies from where these ancestors lived, but someone 5000 miles away finding out more info than me…

Family Tree October 2009
Family Tree October 2009
I had two relatives marry eachother (relatives of me not of eachother, keep up!) in the early 19thC and emigrated to the US in 1830. Because their sons went on to found a town (Roodhouse, Illinois), they are very well documented.  I descend from the sister of each – and my lot stayed right here.  They left a better paper trail than we did, as they were busy founding towns we were busy farming…
Do go out and buy one. It’s a nice magazine, though I say it myself.
You can find a bit more possibly somewhere on our site:
Although that concerns more the relatives of the relatives. If you get me.


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