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"Look The Way He Wants You To Look"

To keep this place warm whilst I finally get round to taking some pics of the current project, I thought I’d amuse yous with this….  An ad from a 1960’s UK Vogue Knitting.

Rex Harrison’s less attractive brother doing a gig turned down by Roger Moore, probably.

“Look your best…for his sake.  For the sake of the laughter and love you share. Look the way he wants you to look. Dress to please his masculine eye.  Keep in touch with his kind of fashion…like the tweed-textured suit in the picture.”

I wonder what that book is he’s reading?  The Top Gear annual?


4 replies on “"Look The Way He Wants You To Look"”

It’s probably his high school yearbook. He’s pointing out suggestions for how she could dress better.
btw, I found your blog through Ravelry and I really like the historical stuff you’ve got!


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