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I’ll be presenting a talk at Ganseyfest, the International Gansey Seminar, in Inverness, on Saturday. Details here.

Better still, am hoping to learn from other people’s talks and workshops, and see some interesting Scottish ganseys “in the flesh” (wool?)

Will be talking about the Yorkshire inland ganseys but also how to use basic genealogical techniques, to find out more about our textile heritage. And how you can use genealogy both to mythbust and to give concrete proof in support of various theories.

Also, I may be letting slip some exciting and hitherto Top Secret  news. Well, exciting for those of us who read about knitting history. (And I don’t mean the book I’ve been working on, but something else…)

Until I return from Scotland – Adieu, fair Reader.


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I’m currently a Textile design student at Edinburgh College of Art and I’m researching Ganseys for my dissertation. Your name, and work, was suggested to me by the curator at the Scottish Fisheries Museum and I’d love to get in contact with you. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on please?

Thank you!

Philippa Hill


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