Knitting For Victory Talk – There Will Be Cakes (Possibly).

From Jane Waller and Susan Crawford’s “A Stitch In Time, Vol.1”.

Just a heads-up for this weekend’s riproaring events.

I am doing a talk on Saturday, about wartime knitting.  It’s going to be an interesting day as straight after my 1940s’ talk in my Victory rolls and 1938 “Such Flattering Puffed Sleeves” jumper (see pic left – if only I looked as good as these girls!) I will morph into being a Tudor person at Bolton Castle for the rest of the weekend, with the Great Wheel.

At the Farming Museum, I will be talking about two aspects of 1940s’ knitting: war effort “Knitting for Victory” and also what happened to traditional Fair Isle patterns, in the 1940s, as people saw their potential for using up oddments.

If you fancy the idea of this talk, book on the number below or just turn up. You will be most welcome!  (And bring your knitting).

Time: 1:30 – 3:30.

Place: The Yorkshire Farming Museum, Murton Park, near York

Cost: £4.50 a ticket, which includes 1940s’ themed refreshments

To Book:   01904 489966

More about Murton Park’s Women’s Land Army project, here.

Vivien Leigh
Vivien Leigh

On the day, any donations to the Women’s Land Army Tribute memorial, will be very gratefully received. I have donated my time gratis for this talk, to maximise  the money we can raise.  I have no idea what “1940s’ themed refreshments” are. Hopefully not Spam and gravy browning… I’m hoping for cakes.

Alternatively, if you fancy a trip to the Dales this weekend, I am the Tudor lady in the dubious stays, and red linen petticoat, spinning on a Great Wheel, at Bolton Castle.  You’d be most welcome there, too.

You can find the inestimable Susan Crawford on her website, here. 

You can support the Land Army Tribute Campaign, by buying Susan’s lovely “Wartime Farm Sleeveless Pullover” pattern or kit.

Wartime Farm Sleeveless Pullover

The jumper in the first pic, Susan Crawford’s “Such Flattering Puff Sleeves” can be found here, on Ravelry. ‘A Stitch In Time’ is now available as a download, as well as in hard copy. Links there, on Susan’s Rav page.