Hemingway Mystery

One day, I’m going to have to get the death certificates.  But check out the death dates on this gravestone. These are my great grandma, Annie Hemingway’s, siblings. The children were buried at Hensall, in the old West Riding.  Their parents were William Hemingway and Charlotte nee Lambert. The Hemingways were Master Wheelwrights for generations, in Hensall, coming to Snaith around 1750. Annie moved to Leeds and married great grandad, Tom Boothman. You can sort of see why she wanted to leave Hensall behind…


IMAG0036Think I’m staying in bed all day on June 7th…


7 replies on “Hemingway Mystery”

Terribly sad and horrible for the mother! 😦 but I’m confused by the last two. How can one lose a newborn, then 12 months later lose a 7 month old? Definitely a mystery to look into.


Ooh blooming heck! Wonder what is the significance of 7th June? I bet you are ferreting away at that already.
Linda at the Mill.


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