Combed To Death


Pattern for this is available on Ravelry:


And our Etsy shop here.

I made this from a widely available superwash DK – pretty well any strongly contrasting DK leftovers might do it. Designed especially for those of us who are ‘snowflakes’ – but bad-ass. Because knitting is political.

We have new nalbinding kits going up as well, just as soon as I can get the light to photograph them.  So we will be offering Mini Nal Kits and Macro Nal Kits – one with 50g of wool, one with 100g – one with a shorter bone needle (easier for some learners) and the other with a longer…   We’ll be at the Jorvik Viking Fest later this month – to make a change from being Luddites.


If you want to see us in our Luddite glory, we hope to be (weather permitting) at the Bradford Industrial Museum on Sunday (3rd Feb)  for our first Luddite gig of the year, at the Bishop Blaise Wool Festival.  Which we booked last minute, so we’re not being trailed.  We’ll also be doing a workshop at Craven Guild’s annual Bishop Blaise meeting, later this month.

I’ll hopefully have the great wheel and the 18thC tape loom with me at Bradford.  Come along and say hello!

Below is George Walker’s engraving of a Bishop Blaise ceremony around the time of the Luddites. Walker noted the men at the very end of the procession, with the crazy wigs made from combed wool tops, were the woolcombers (the woolcombing business owners and their families, and apprentices preceded them) “…with ornamented caps, wool wigs, and various coloured slivers.”  (‘Costume Of Yorkshire’, 1814, Plate 37).  The Bishop Blaise processions were held on February 3rd – Blaise being supposedly martyred by being ‘combed’ to death…


Courtesy Yorkshire Ancestors









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