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Their Darkest Materials Update

Their Darkest Materials, cover art. CREDIT: Hazel P. Mason

We’re in the very final stages now with the next book, ‘Their Darkest Materials’. It’s a kind of ‘Horrible History’ for grown-ups and explores the darkest side of textile history.  If you want people falling into machinery; murderous but mesmerising soldiers; murders solved by stocking locations; cunning thefts of worsted and wool embezzlement;  bewitched spinning wheels and creepy ladies in woolly hats appearing in people’s dreams… we have all that and way, way more.

I mean WAY more.

Our magnificent cover art illustrator, Hazel P. Mason is helping me with the program our printer needs to go from  (by ‘helping’ I mean ‘doing it for me’)… and meanwhile, I’ve been working on the index to make the book as functional as possible as well as a final, final edit. We’re hoping the book will be with the printer in the next few weeks. Their turnaround is a couple of weeks. Then we’re unleashing TDM chaos on the world!  Official release due in February – it may be a bit sooner, if things go smoothly.

It’s not up for pre-order, but the book (and downloadable version of the book) will be announced here and elsewhere, when it’s ready and you will be able to buy direct from us, then.

The diary is beginning to fill up for ‘Their Darkest Materials’ talks. But still plenty of room to shoehorn your craft Guild, WI, Townswomen’s Guild, Genealogy, Local History, or Family History (or other) group into our talks schedule for 2020 and 2021. (And trust me, anyone who’s seen us ‘do’ Their Darkest Materials, will tell you they had a rollicking good time…)  If you want to book myself and (the other) illustrator, Dave Hunt, for one of our talks, weekday evenings or weekend, please email here:

Looking forward to seeing you all on the dark side, very shortly!

“Behold the head of a traitor!” Frame-knitter and keen hand-knitter, Jeremiah Brandreth. (Early pencil draft illustration. CREDIT: DAVID HUNT)

One reply on “Their Darkest Materials Update”

I am so looking forward to this. I am sure the Industrial Revolution is filled with tales like this but this is the story that fascinates me.


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