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Wartime Fingerless Gloves

More wartime knitting. And it’s been a productive week. Here’s dad in Palestine in 1947. Not entirely the sort of place you’d need fingerless gloves, or balaclavas.  Although I’m sure he was very glad of them when he got back to rainy old Leeds, later this same year. He does remind me of the men […]

History Knitting Leeds local history world war two

Bally Balaclavas

We’re going Balaclava crazy here. Maybe because we’re still enjoying the Yesterday channel’s Colditz fest. Maybe because it’s bally cold out there chaps, what? It all started with my attempts to knit an Edwardian balaclava, from M. Elliot Scrivenor’s 1903 ‘Knitting & Crocheting Book’. Even though what I was meant to be doing, was knitting […]

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Trunk No. 8

  My blog posts are like buses – nothing for ages then two come at once. This is another pic found on my sons’ machine.  Dad, outside his house,  in Leeds, would be early 1930s.  This house was technically a ‘back  to back’  so it had two addresses. This side of the house I never […]