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Wheer Theer's Muck

The myths around traditional knitting are worth exploring.  One new one seems to be the idea that Tudor, even medieval, sailors or fishermen wore a forerunner of the gansey.  I’m going to explode a few myths in a forthcoming book, so should keep my powder dry  – but here’s a few thoughts and woolgatherings that […]


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Here follows a chart in PDF form with the alphabet for the ‘Adderback’ gloves which you can see back in one of the January posts.. 7 row alphabet caps chart Here’s some fun I’ve been having with a lightning pattern (right hand side)  from a pair of gloves in the Dales Countryside Museum, in Hawes. […]


Wintry Today

My Son No 2 took this.  He’s got an eye for a good picture, I think.

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Isaac Moses and The Ebiezzer

I have 2 loves – knitting and genealogy.  Sometimes, the pair collide.  As in the case of my Moses ancestors who seem to have run vessels out of various places, including Cawood, Howden and presumably Hull, making a living from inland waterway shipping as well as farming along the banks of the Ouse. Here is […]

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Yorkshire Dales Gloves

Based on some of the gloves in the Dales Countryside Museum, at Hawes. They are knit in Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop’s DK – any two colours with strong contrast would do the trick.  Will upload the pattern and charts here after it’s published. Gansey research is coming on well – lots of museums and archives now […]

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Sunk Island Gansey Pattern

Here’s the pattern for Sunk Island, the gansey from Yarn Forward,  Issue 18.  Enjoy! Sunk Island Gansey How To (PDFs for charts, below).  Pattern as written is for gansey on the right – only difference between v.1 and v.2 being the less cluttered sleeves on v.2. You could, of course, knit the sleeves plainer or […]

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"Look The Way He Wants You To Look"

To keep this place warm whilst I finally get round to taking some pics of the current project, I thought I’d amuse yous with this….  An ad from a 1960’s UK Vogue Knitting. Rex Harrison’s less attractive brother doing a gig turned down by Roger Moore, probably. “Look your best…for his sake.  For the sake […]