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Desperately Seeking J. Slade.

I’m not sure what it is about graffiti that I love so much. Here’s some photos we took at Brougham Castle, Cumbria, when we went up to Woolfest. And what about this? And rather incredibly, from a sheltered spot, in pencil from almost exactly 110 years ago: The genealogist in me wants to look for […]

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Sunk Island

I had to keep this quiet, til it ‘came out’, so – at last – I can put it up here!   I’m reliably informed it is in the current ‘Yarn Forward’ (No 18).  Although I won’t see it for myself til I get down the shops tomorrow or Weds. For some time, on Ravelry this […]


British Brick Walls

Just a little taste of what’s in this month’s Family Tree Magazine (Oct, 2009). For the genealogists. It’s about me living a mile as crow flies from where these ancestors lived, but someone 5000 miles away finding out more info than me… I had two relatives marry eachother (relatives of me not of eachother, keep […]

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Turning Off The Monks

We spent the weekend being medieval people at Bolton Castle in a place up in the Dales called… Castle Bolton.  Well, me and Nos 2 and 3 did.  No 5 and dad came up to visit on Sunday and luckily 5 came resplendent in his 15thC kit. As you can see, he enjoyed some medieval […]

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Here’s my new boys, Albert and Terry. First Albert in all his fluffy glory: And then Terry. Terry is 10 weeks old and has a leg missing (rather careless of him). Not sure if mum bit it off when grooming him or he was born that way. Vet says even with an X Ray we […]

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