Image of book cover 'Their Darkest Materials'.

Their Darkest Materials‘, Pretty Baa Lambs Press, 2020

Sarah Hunter’s gloves (recreation of Dales gloves), ‘The Knitter’, Issue 150

Ongoing series about historical knitted items in museum for ‘The Knitter’


‘The Knitter’ – series on Victorian knitting manual writers.

Issue 131:  Knitting Pioneers – the Ryder sisters

Issue 133: Knitting Pioneers – Mlle de Riego de la Branchardierre

Issue 135: Knitting Pioneers – Elizabeth Jackson

‘Spin Off’, Summer 2019 (Interweave) – How to Nalbind

COMING SOON! ‘Piecework’, Summer 2019  – article on ‘Dolly’, a doll who survived the infamous Donner Party incident.

‘The Knitter’ – Nalbinding Masterclass

‘Their Darkest Materials’ – our new book about the dark side of textile history.

dm cover

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