I contributed to the new edition of Marie Hartley and Joan Ingilby’s classic ‘The Old Hand-Knitters of the Dales’; adding some biographical material about Misses Hartley and Ingilby, and Miss Hartley’s first collaborator, Ella Pontefract. I also documented the oldest extant dated Dales glove – now in the possession of the inestimable Wordsworth Trust in Grasmere; the “G Walton 1846″ glove pattern is included in this updated edition. Also the new edition includes extra information about the possible identity of ” G Walton”.

River Ganseys was (finally) published in 2015. It is available as a Ravelry download:

Or direct from Cooperative Press, on Amazon, in Barnes & Noble, etc. If you buy from Cooperative Press, you can get both the e book and the hard copy.

The General Carleton cap can be found in Interweave’s 10 Best Patterns from Piecework’s Historical Collection (top left on cover):


I was involved in the new edition of Hartley & Ingilby’s classic book, ‘The Old Hand-Knitters of the Dales’, which is also available now.

I have contributed to a number of UK and US craft and genealogy magazines; including Piecework, Knitting Traditions, Ply, Knit Edge, Family Tree Magazine and have a piece upcoming in The Knitter.