Desperately Seeking E. Shoppee

When I’m not knitting or genealogy-ing, I like to fix up vintage sewing machines and sew with them. I spent some time, earlier this year, fixing up Victorian/Edwardian hand crank machines; £11 – £15 car-boot bargains;  a Singer 28K and a couple of Jones Family C.S machines. Vintage, metal machines have none of the built-in […]

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From the Patients’ Disbursement Books, The Retreat, York. Ref: Ret  3/10/1/1   Judith Robertson 1799 10 Sept, 1799 Knitting needle  3d 1800 8 June Patent knitting needles  3d  Pasteboard 4d  – 7d 22 Sept shrowd – 7-/ 6d coffin 42 -/ (Pasteboard = cardboard, used to make bonnet brims). The casual – and all too […]

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Mr Dick’s Kite

“Is it a Memorial about his own history that he is writing, aunt?’ ‘Yes, child,’ said my aunt, rubbing her nose again. ‘He is memorializing the Lord Chancellor, or the Lord Somebody or other—one of those people, at all events, who are paid to be memorialized—about his affairs. I suppose it will go in, one […]