Talks, Tuition, Historical Hats



Hemingway & Hunt currently offer talks and demos on the following subjects: –


The Old Hand-Knitters of the Dales

Thrummed Cap, © Penelope Hemingway

River Ganseys

The Land Girls

Handspinning Through History

Great Wheel Spinning

The History of Yorkshire Knitting

The Brontes, and Their Textiles

Hats Through History




Naturally dyed wool © Penelope Hemingway



All our talks are illustrated with audio-visuals, and also are as hands-on as we can make them. We bring a selection of examples of repros of historical knitting, spinning, natural dyeing, and/or spinning wheels – as appropriate.  We have some original artefacts.


We love to take lots of questions, and let you fondle our stuff.  The talks are an hour, but we don’t mind how long you ask us questions for, beyond that hour. In fact – the more, the merrier!

Penny is a qualified,experienced teacher (P.G.C.E, University of Birmingham), Anti-Defamation League’s certificate in Workshop Enabling (University of Northern Colorado) and David is a qualified, experienced TA (York College).

Talks cost £75 per hour plus petrol costs.   We are available week nights or weekends.

To discuss your requirements, email:

General Carleton Hat, original version ©Interweave Press


We are also making to order a selection of our historical hats.

Examples of these and kits to make them,  will soon be for sale online.  Email for bespoke. I’m currently in the process of putting the patterns up on Ravelry, so bear with me.

Hats offered will include: General Carleton, thrum cap and Monmouth cap styles.  Coming soon!  Straw top hats!