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I Declare The James Norbury Annexe…. Open!

How to keep this place warm whilst I work on a paeon to the late, great James Norbury? Thought you might enjoy these lads. Not a Norbury pattern – so far as I’m aware! Although he did get everywhere in the 1950s! Something marvellously camp about them.  My husband spotted this first, rummaging in a […]

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Racehorse at Deptford

    Back up to Whitby this weekend.  I wanted to take one last look at the stockings, hat and mittens on display at The Captain Cook Memorial Museum, before they return to Gdansk, at the end of this month. I wanted to take a close look (through the display case!) and take some notes, […]

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Trunk No. 8

  My blog posts are like buses – nothing for ages then two come at once. This is another pic found on my sons’ machine.  Dad, outside his house,  in Leeds, would be early 1930s.  This house was technically a ‘back  to back’  so it had two addresses. This side of the house I never […]