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Bally Balaclavas

We’re going Balaclava crazy here. Maybe because we’re still enjoying the Yesterday channel’s Colditz fest. Maybe because it’s bally cold out there chaps, what? It all started with my attempts to knit an Edwardian balaclava, from M. Elliot Scrivenor’s 1903 ‘Knitting & Crocheting Book’. Even though what I was meant to be doing, was knitting […]

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Three of Knives.

In which one of the Thompson brothers gets handy with a gun, back in 1836. One for the genealogists and historians today!  Knitters beware – the balaclava is coming on apace. And will be blogged very soon! Some time back, I wrote about my American relatives in Illinois, being victims to an accomplished horse stealer, […]

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Steam-Punk Balaclava?

Here it comes again! ‘Sunk Island’ (my Humber/Ouse kids’ gansey) has just been re-published in ‘TheKnitting Collection 2’. Available from W.H. Smiths or via Yudu. You can see it on the back cover, in rather nice company, bottom row. It’s second from right. No 5 son thought it a bit surreal as when we picked […]