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Propagansey 2010 – every one tells a story

CREDIT: All photos (except the blurry one) taken by Nate Hunt. Last weekend saw the now annual event, Propagansey. Gansey collector and expert Deb Gillanders fills the old St Stephen’s church in Robin Hood’s Bay with ganseys for a weekend, in September. Some are from her collection and many are loaned by local people.  One […]

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Knitting Ancestors

Now look what I’ve gone and done…. In this month’s ‘Family Tree’ magazine (October issue), an article about tracing your knitting ancestors. If you have any ancestry in a fishing port, or along the rivers and canals and inland waterways of the UK… this may be for you! I took a stroll (metaphorically) through […]

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More Myth-busting. "I See No Ganseys!"

Few scholars, costume historians or keen students of knitting history seriously believe for a minute that English ganseys (or any knitted jumpers for seamen) existed a long way prior to the back end of the 18thC. But the myth does get promulgated, occasionally on places like ‘Ravelry’, and neophytes may get taken in. And I like to think of myself as a kind of iconoclast…