The Pointy End

“First Lesson. Stick them with the pointy end.”   [ ‘The Game of Thrones’, George R.R.Martin]     Inspired by the second series of ‘Game of Thrones’ and Arya with her “Needle”, about to be upon us, I thought it is time to look at the pointy end. Just how pointy an end do we […]

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Bloomers and Rational Dress – Women’s Cycling Clothes

“The Sketch” warns lady cyclists to beware of giving way to a distressed and  fixed expression when learning to ride a bicycle. An exceedingly pretty woman has lost most of her good looks after some time of riding a cycle, because she attained the habit of making grimaces… The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent , June […]

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Ganseys For Dummies

“Guernsey…. A thick, knitted, closely-fitting vest or shirt, usually made of blue wool, worn by seamen. 1851.” The Shorter Oxford Dictionary Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in traditional knitting. Ganseys or guernseys are being knitted, worn and enjoyed, by a whole new generation. Ganseys are jumpers knitted from 5 ply, unoiled, worsted-spun […]