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This week we will be putting up our 2019 wool clip. Most of it comes from within a couple of miles of our house.  We have our legendary Derbyshire Gritstone, our hard to get hold of Norfolk Horn, as well as a little Castlemilk Moorit and some very rare indeed North Ronaldsay (the seaweed eating sheep!)


Please buy from us to support rare breeds farmers. Our farmers have ‘hobby’ flocks, and care deeply about their animals.  The income from fleece helps keep these flocks going.  Producing high quality wool is a priority. Sometimes, we even know the name of your fleece!


Coming soon in the Etsy shop – our new mini mudags! (Wool creels)  Handmade here in Yorkshire from willow.  They are my apprentice pieces, so will be half price for a limited time.


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