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From the Patients’ Disbursement Books, The Retreat, York. Ref: Ret  3/10/1/1   Judith Robertson 1799 10 Sept, 1799 Knitting needle  3d 1800 8 June Patent knitting needles  3d  Pasteboard 4d  – 7d 22 Sept shrowd – 7-/ 6d coffin 42 -/ (Pasteboard = cardboard, used to make bonnet brims). The casual – and all too […]

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Inside The Wool Spinning Mistress’s Closet

…each Girl has the following articles given to her: A Pair of Scissors          A Huswife A Thimble                       A Work Box A Knitting Sheath            A Work Bag A Pincushion                   A Comb and Case At Easter she is allowed to have her Scissors ground; a Pincushion and String, Huswif mended, Her Thimble changed… a new Comb if […]