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My Pants Are Made Out Of Cotton

  Like many people who lost a parent in childhood, I don’t have much flotsam and jetsam from childhood. I did stumble on this school book, though.  I was 8 and as you can see, utterly lacked  literary promise. I also lacked artistic ability. But since when did we let minor details like that get […]

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Bob Jenkinson’s Gansey

  Yet again, these blog posts are like buses. Nothing for ages then two come at once. Yesterday, someone contacted me to ask where they could find the pattern for Bob Jenkinson’s gansey. I realised I never got round to figuring it out – other things intervened. So, whilst eating my tea, I did the […]

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Casting On a Gansey and… Tishies!

  What do we want from a gansey cast on? We need it to be: Strong – maybe with double or triple yarn Elastic Attractive     Historically, the simple Backwards Loop Cast On seemed to be popular. It was certainly a cast on described in some of the earlier knitting manuals of the 1830s-40s. […]



Today I’ll continue putting up some pictures of the patterns from ‘River Ganseys’.  And also hopefully give an insight into how a pattern evolves.  This design was eventually published as “Parthenope”. I wanted to name the ganseys in the book after actual river vessels. Here’s one I called “Parthenope” (p.175ff). But in an earlier incarnation, […]