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“Why Sir, In the days of George the First…”

  This morning I had to wait in for A Man. So, to pass the time,  I looked up the words “knitted jacket” in the 18thC newspapers. As you do. By the time the Man’s long-awaited plumbing visit happened,  it was more a ‘Person From Porlock’ *  incident,  as I was so engrossed in the […]

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Riposte to “The Knitting Mania”

One woman didn’t stand for the chauvinistic Anonymous’s poem, and gave him a reply with both barrels blazing. Interesting to note, she was not even a knitter, herself. I hope she took up the needles afterwards. I had a quick look on the 1851 Census for a Katharine/Catherine or Kitty West. No real likely candidates […]

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“The Knitting Mania”

In December 1847, Emily Bronte was publishing ‘Wuthering Heights’ – and probably, she was not knitting. That very month, an anonymous gentleman made his own literary offering. I don’t think he was knitting much that month, either… “The Knitting Mania I really must – it is no use – I must speak out my mind […]