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“Those infatuated creatures calling themselves Luddites”

“A tribute to the merit of Captain Raynes, of the Stirlingshire militia,  was paid on the 4th … as an acknowledgement of … his indefatigable and unabated zeal in bringing to justice a number of those infatuated creatures calling themselves Luddites.” [Caledonian Mercury, Monday, November 30th, 1812]. In 1812, Yorkshire became the fulcrum of a […]

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Ori-Esque Mitts

What kind of idiot decides to knit a Dr Who scarf and a pair of mitts in under ten days? Yes, Gentle Reader… you are looking at her. Well, actually you are looking at a picture of Ori, the youngest and most naive dwarf in ‘The Hobbit’ – which is quite appropriate as it was […]