IMG_1781Penny is a qualified and experienced teacher  (University of Birmingham) and workshop enabler (Anti-Defamation League certificate at University of Northern Colorado).

She teaches at your pace and uses a teaching style that you prefer.

Tuition in any aspect of handspinning, natural dyeing, band weaving available. She’s based at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming and is happy to teach there, or wherever you are if you can cover travel costs.

Penny has taught countless people of all ages (7 – 77) to spin on a spindle, or any type of wheel, including the great wheel.  She also teaches nalbinding.
She is also happy to provide coaching for experienced spinners who are taking the AGSWD Certificate of Excellence – she has particular expertise with spinning longdraw but if any aspect of the certificate is challenging you, contact us and we will see if we can tailor something to your needs.  Penny also teaches Portuguese Knitting, band weaving, and traditional Yorkshire gansey knitting if any of those appeal.

Happy to teach a small group of friends/family who want to learn together, one-to-one or entire W.Is/Guilds/groups.

Wheels, spindles wool provided for lesson and advice if you’re thinking of buying a wheel (she has no affiliation with any wheel or spinning equipment manufacturer so advice is impartial).

Email or message for more information.


Museums – Penny has acted informally as a consultant to a number of museums across the North of England, asking for input about their knitted historical items, knitting sticks, wheels or paraphernalia.  She has a particular interest in 18thC and 19thC but also has expertise in Anglo-Saxon and Viking handspinning and textiles and the history of crafts used in therapeutic settings in the Georgian and Victorian period.
Again, email for more information.