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The Quest for the Popped ‘Un.

Today, I thought I’d take you on the Quest for the Popped ‘Un. Years ago, when I read ‘The Knitting Bishop”s ‘History of Hand Knitting’, I first heard of a little book by Marie Hartley and Joan Ingilby, called ‘The Old Hand-Knitters of the Dales’. I searched high and low for a copy – but […]


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Mysterious Bob Jenkinson

The latest Yarn Forward, No 33,  features the mysterious and elusive Bob Jenkinson. Some time ago, Filey Museum’s lovely staff gave me permission to use this photo.  But there was no real provenance for it – just amongst a batch of things donated long before there was a protocol in place to record the whos […]

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More Myth-busting. "I See No Ganseys!"

Few scholars, costume historians or keen students of knitting history seriously believe for a minute that English ganseys (or any knitted jumpers for seamen) existed a long way prior to the back end of the 18thC. But the myth does get promulgated, occasionally on places like ‘Ravelry’, and neophytes may get taken in. And I like to think of myself as a kind of iconoclast…