Dales Knitting Alphabets

Dales gloves. (Originally pink and cream). I've reverse engineered these - pattern will be up soon!
Dales gloves from The Dales Countryside Museum. PHOTO CREDIT: Belinda May. (These gloves were originally pink and cream). I reverse engineered these some time back, from the originals. The pattern is just discernible “in the wool”.

Here are the upper and lower case alphabet charts, I use for knitting Dales gloves. They could be used for anything where you need letters that are only a few rounds/rows deep.  These are trickier to figure out than alphabet charts where you have a few more rounds for manoeuvre.

Thought I’d share them here, as there’s not much like them, online.  Some of the lower case letters in particular are straightforward copies of ones on extant 19thC gloves. Others, I had to make up “in the style of”.  Click on the links to see as PDFs. Feel free to use these.



The gloves pictured are a child’s pair, with the name “Mary” on the welt. I decyphered them several years back but have yet to publish the pattern. There will be ‘Mary’ glove kits available at ‘The Luddites’ stand at the British Wool Show and the Armley show, both in June. And I will get on with publishing the pattern on Ravelry – promise!


3 thoughts on “Dales Knitting Alphabets

  1. I had no problem with downloads. This is really great! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Aw sorry. I will mess with them tomorrow. I’m on an unfamiliar computer with an unfamiliar OS, so still struggling!


  3. Beautiful gloves! I couldn’t get the downloads to work 😦


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