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The Tangled Skein – or The History of the Decline and Fall of Knitting

… This ‘feminising’ led to knitting being perceived as an ‘idle’ waste of time; an amateur feminine pursuit to be followed safely from within the cage of domesticity; a belittling of both craft and women. “The Little Women” of nineteenth century novels, were kept quiet – and in a back room – by the needle; patronised and diminished into being “small”; their concerns and their Art, also perceived as insignificant…

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“Knitting Isn’t Political”?

Anyone in the fibre arts world would have to have been living under a rock, in the past week, to have missed the delicious controversy, involving a certain orange buffoon, here:   Reading through the comments, one point made by the pattern’s detractors, really got my interest. Knitting isn’t political. Yes, right. Textiles have […]