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Good Cop, Bad Cop

Yesterday, I was watching the incomparable Abby Franquemont’s  video download, ‘Respect The Spindle’. I’ve had the book since the week (hour?) it came out but finally got round to getting the video recently, as despite my thirty odd years’ worth of spinning, knew I’d learn something new from it. And I did. At one point, […]


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“The Murmuring Wheel”

Two weeks ago today, we were privileged to spend the weekend doing living history at Dove Cottage, Grasmere, where William Wordsworth and his family lived from 1799-1808. Wordsworth was a revolutionary; writing about ordinary people going about their everyday lives; finding poetry in the mundane and his environment. He wrote about beggars, leech-gatherers, the disenfranchised, […]

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Mountebank Doctors, Ladies of Easy Access and Runaway Apprentices

In June, we are travelling back in time to 1800. At Dove Cottage, in Grasmere, during Woolfest weekend, a small group of us are descending on Mr. Wordsworth’s neighbour, Mr. Fisher, and we hope to spin on the Great Wheel and knit, 1800-style. There may be some undesirable beggars a-calling, as Miss Dorothy Wordsworth describes […]

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Wheer Theer's Muck

The myths around traditional knitting are worth exploring.  One new one seems to be the idea that Tudor, even medieval, sailors or fishermen wore a forerunner of the gansey.  I’m going to explode a few myths in a forthcoming book, so should keep my powder dry  – but here’s a few thoughts and woolgatherings that […]

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Turning Off The Monks

We spent the weekend being medieval people at Bolton Castle in a place up in the Dales called… Castle Bolton.  Well, me and Nos 2 and 3 did.  No 5 and dad came up to visit on Sunday and luckily 5 came resplendent in his 15thC kit. As you can see, he enjoyed some medieval […]