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‘Their Darkest Materials’ is out now

So…  ‘Their Darkest Materials’ is finally out. Thanks to all who have shown faith in it so far. Pre-orders sold briskly and we’d love anyone who has the pre-order to give us a quick review on Etsy.

So far am getting really positive feedback and readers seem to be devouring it. We always knew we were onto something with this book.

Here’s a new website where we’ll talk about dark material culture and history. I intend to use the new site for all things Darkest Materials related, expand on some of the murder cases, folklore, and history covered in the book and share some new research as well  (I still can’t give up researching the Escrick Murder, for example, and have found even more new information since the book went to press):

I’ll continue to share some of my new research, there as well as things we couldn’t shoehorn into the book.

Book is here:

And pdf version, currently also up in the Hemingway & Hunt shop, as a separate listing.

I’ll continue talking other things, including Yorkshire history and genealogy, here on the Knitting Genie site. This site is over a decade old (I think?) – I once read that a really high % of blogs don’t make it past their first six months, so we didn’t do too badly. And we intend to continue here but make a separate site for the book, as it’s its own thing.

Keep an eye on ‘The Knitter’ magazine.  They’re currently publishing a series of my articles about knitted items and knitting artefacts in museums across the UK. Upcoming pieces will include one about a tiny item knitted by Queen Alexandra, a beautiful Fair Isle jumper and – my personal favourite – I’ve identified a previously unknown/un-named Dales glove knitter and we’ll share with you the pattern for her gloves. That’s a total scoop.


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