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Dark Times – the epidemic of 1832

Wrapped in a powdery shroud of lime, the streets were ‘disinfected’. How strange that must have been, padding through the white streets at twilight; watchful eyes at windows, fear behind every shutter, every door.

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‘Their Darkest Materials’ is out now

So…  ‘Their Darkest Materials’ is finally out. Thanks to all who have shown faith in it so far. Pre-orders sold briskly and we’d love anyone who has the pre-order to give us a quick review on Etsy. So far am getting really positive feedback and readers seem to be devouring it. We always knew we […]

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PRE-ORDER Their Darkest Materials!

…We’ll find out which Victorian novelist’s mauve ribbon was trapped in her coffin lid and discover clothing-as-evidence in an infamous London burking case (“Burking” as in “Burke and Hare”).

And we’ll watch a Yorkshire farmer’s wife knit a blue stocking on the morning of her murder and a caddish, handsome soldier murdering his stocking-knitting new wife. We’ll also spend time in the county asylum with a world famous dyer’s incendiarist wife and an embroiderer who used her art to say the unsayable…

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Their Darkest Materials Update

We’re in the very final stages now with the next book, ‘Their Darkest Materials’. It’s a kind of ‘Horrible History’ for grown-ups and explores the darkest side of textile history.  If you want people falling into machinery; murderous but mesmerising soldiers; murders solved by stocking locations; cunning thefts of worsted and wool embezzlement;  bewitched spinning […]