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A Week of Roguish Spinning…

On impulse, I entered this year’s Spinzilla competition. Mainly because I’ve spent some time this year figuring out the sheer amounts spun in a day or a week by late 18th/19thC handspinners, and wanted to see if I could equal them; or even if the figures I’d arrived at were feasible. Also because I like […]


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On The Perils of Not Enough Rolags and Concerning Being A Luddite

Teasles seen on a bit of wasteland, near Escrick, North Yorkshire, yesterday. They were growing deep into a high ridge of brambles; too inaccessible for us to go and get a closer shot, but here are some teasles in the wild. On Saturday, we were Luddites at Armley Mills, Leeds Industrial Museum, for the launch […]

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Dyeing With Cochineal & Logwood

“January 27. All Dye pans in use, pretty well off for work this week… Feb 3. Wild soft morning… Saw John Fairbank [who] arrived from America about a fortnight ago- Says he thinks there won’t be a War between this country and America; the poor people are very much out of work at New York; […]

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Trawling For Red Herrings

“Textile historians often find it difficult to tell whether early knitted objects are made using a single needle, as here, or using more than one needle, as the finished articles are so similar in appearance.” [From the holy writ, source of all sources ™, Wikipedia, text to the image shown left]. Just back from the […]

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Wool Scouring – & Boreray

“19 April  1814 Markets all agree are very flatt. Mill as full of wool as it can hold & men as saucy as the Devil.” [Diary of Joseph Rogerson of Bramley, woollen mill-owner]. NB: If scouring raw fleece for the first time – read this right through before starting. Equipment needed: 1 or more large […]